Hunter's Rights and Protecting our
Hunting Heritage

We support campaigns to defeat wildlife
initiatives and initiated an SCI lawsuit to
force the Federal Subsistence Board to
follow specific guidelines in making rural
determinations.  We are not against
subsistence hunting, but we are against
the unfair and illegal grants of special
privilege that rob non-subsistence
hunters of their ability to hunt in this
hunter’s paradise.
Efforts Being Made to
Help Save Hunting
Squashed the HSUS effort to introduce federal legislation restricting how bears are hunted.

Successfully lobbied federal officials to lift temporary ban on importation of deer, elk, moose and other
ruminants legally harvested by hunters in Canada into the U.S.

Persuaded legislators in California to reject punitive tax on ammunition, as well as a new California restriction
on hunting with dogs.  

Helped persuade New York Governor to veto legislation banning hunting on any property, regardless of size,
if fenced.

SCI is in court defending against a lawsuit attacking hunting on 38 national wildlife refuges.

SCI is leaning on federal agencies to improve hunting access on public lands nationwide.

SCI is in court fighting a lawsuit to stop hunting of 11 species on public lands in the Northeast U.S.

SCI is pushing federal agencies to manage wolves as a game species in the Western U.S. to allow hunting to
control wolf predation on deer and elk.
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